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A scene where a backpacker stands in front of Tazi Canyon

Escape your soul into a serenity

There is a rumor that the canyon which is within the borders of Köprülü Canyon National Park became popular thanks to social media. The image that we have brought to you is the most popular point of the canyon. Almost all visitors eternalize their existence in the center of this magical view of mother nature who was very generous to Antalya. Tazi Canyon attracts a lot of campers, nature walk seekers, hikers, and travelers to Antalya. With the support of the Antalya Travel Guide, below we’ve drawn a road map to Tazi Canyon for you. 

1- Direct your car to the East of Antalya

Take the Mersin highway. Between districts of Serik and Çolaklı, turn your wheel towards Köprülü Canyon National Park. Once you arrive at the entrance of the park which is an intersection. Take the right towards Beşkonak direction. 

2- Keeping Ahead

After around 14 km you will reach a point where the ways are parting. There you will see the sign which directs you to the left towards Altinkaya, Köprülü Kanyon, and Selge. Keep in mind this is not your turn and keep continue your way from the right.

3- Follow the sign of Gaziler Mah.

After approximately 1 km, you will come across the sign of Gaziler Mah. pointing to the left. Once you turn to the left, remember you will have to drive just straight up around 8,5 km.

4- Reaching to the turnout

At the end of the 8,5 km journey, you will encounter another turnout, here you take the left. There should be also a sign to the left marked “Tazı 4” (It was an old sign, we are not sure if it still stands)

5- Encounter with the sign of Tazi Canyon

Stay on the asphalt road for 3,5 km, and finally, the wooden sign of Tazi Canyon hanging on a tree will welcome you. This is the point where you should leave your car behind, and hit the road on foot! However, if you have a 4×4, you are lucky since you can continue on the skid trail with your jeep. At this location, there is a shop for rental ATVs. The owner of the shop may stop you saying you cannot pass by car, do not listen to him. He just tries to rent you an ATV. As we said earlier, take the trail if you got an off-roading jeep. Otherwise, we do not recommend you driving your car. Of course, if you like dust, do not miss renting an ATV!

6- Almost there!

At this point, you have around 1,2 km up ahead of you to reach to the excursion spot of Tazi Canyon. Keep yourself on the skid trail which goes down on the left of the small green building (as additional information, this small building is where local people wash their deceased ones before the funeral).

7- Enjoy Tazi Canyon

After a while, you will end up in a picnic zone. Here is where you must step out of the trail which continues to the left, and enter the pinewood. As soon as you enter the wood you will see two painted white rocks on the ground as your final signs directing to Tazi Canyon. The pathway in the wood will lead your steps to your final destination where your eyes will take your soul into a serene and vast Canyon.

Authors Note: At the time you arrive the point opening up the vast canyon, you will find a small Gözleme (Turkish pancake with some Veggy ingredients) shop run by a villager. We do not know if it is because we come a long way with a hungry belly, we always find their gözleme exceptionally delicious. Go fo either with some potatoes or cheese! They also have an icebox where they keep cool ayran. All hand made and organic to cure your travel-sore.

Road Map to Tazi Canyon

We have tried to drive a road map to Tazi Canyon in Antalya. We hope it become a useful guide for nature lovers who live in or visit Antalya. Find out more about the wonders of the city on our article 4 Amazing Reasons to Live in Antalya.


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