Events in Antalya – September 2020

Even though Covid-19 is still around us, event makers do not stop bringing famous artists to Antalya. So we have to inform you about the events in Antalya for September 2020. We assume that you may want to attend some of those events to heal your soul with some Turkish vibes.

There are performances in various art forms, from popular Turkish Rappers to pop singers, from theater performances to stand-up comedies. Despite the fact that you may not want to attend shows due to the language barrier, we believe that concerts would be much fun to experience Turkish culture. 

(👈 Swipe left on the table to see the hours and venues if you are on mobile)

Plastik Asklar02.09Wednesday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Derya Bedavaci04.09Friday20:00Lara Luxury Garden
Deniz Ozturhan (Sand-up Comedy)04.09Friday21:00Simurg Cafe Bar
Sagopa Kajmer04.09Friday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Yildiz Tilbe05.09Saturday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Sainser ft. Sokrat St.09.09Wednesday20:00Sponge Pub
Pinhani11.09Friday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Sunay Akin / Nihat Serdar (Show)12.09Saturday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Khontar ft. Anil Piyanci ft. Keisan13.09Sunday18:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
The Miser by Moliere 
15.09Tuesday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Pera16.09Wednesday21:00Sponge Pub
Biraderler Cabaret (Theatre)16.09Wednesday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Bir Baba Hamlet (Theatre)17.09Thursday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Meltem Parlak (Stand-up Comedy)18.09Friday21:00Simurg Cafe Bar
Anlatilan Senin Hikayendir (Theatre)21.09Monday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Iki Bekar (Theatre)23.09Wednesday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Karsu26.09Saturday20:30Akra Hotels
Mabel Matiz26.09Saturday21:15Konyaalti Open-Air Theater
Haluk Levent29.09Tuesday21:00Konyaalti Open-Air Theater

We kindly warn you to take all the necessary individual precautions if you decide to go into crowds for attending some of the performances. Enjoy!


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